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MOGEI | Undersecretary


Functions and duties of Undersecretary, Ministry of General Education and Instructions

  • Accounting Officer of the Ministry
  • Provides overall technical leadership and guidance in the management and operations of the Ministry.
  • Primary signatory to the Bank Accounts,
  • Ensures accountability and cost effective use of fiscal resources and implements Government policies.
  • Prepares a detailed hand- over report in case of transfer, leave, resignation or termination.
  • Custodian of all title deeds of the Ministry's properties.
  • Supervises overall activities of the Ministry
  • Is the Chief Accounting Officer and in that capacity approves all financial transactions for the Ministry of Education (General Education Sector) and the donors funds.
  • Effects the expenditure in accordance with the approved annual budget and work plan of the Ministry.
  • Officially communicates with the public and the private institutions on behalf of the Ministry
  • Approves all correspondence/communications with the government institutions and partners
  • Directs the incoming communication/correspondence to the appropriate directorates.
  • Approves or recommends the employment, the promotions, the decisions of the Board of Discipline or pensions of classified and unclassified staff in accordance with Public Service Regulations.
  • Briefs and renders weekly operational and financial reports to the Minister and the Deputy Minister.
  • Submits quarterly and annual audited financial reports to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.
  • Provides overall leadership and technical guidance in management and operation of the Ministry
  • Initiates, develops, interprets and directs the implementation of policies and procedures aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Supervises Senior Managers/Directors General on matters relating to policy and operations.
  • Co-ordinates, plans and budgets for staff and operations of the Ministry Education (General Education Sector to ensure efficiency and effectiveness,
  • Manages and accounts for and controls of expenditure within budgetary provisions, and ensures rational and cost effective use of the resources.
  • Co-ordinates and ensures accountability of Ministerial grants to public schools
  • Ensures the development, review and implementation of the Strategic Plan.
  • Solicits funds to efficiently and effectively manages General Education Institutions.
  • Carries out all negotiations on behalf of the Ministry of Education (General Education Sector)with local and International bodies.
  • Ensures litigation cases involving the Ministry Education (General Education Sector)are handled in accordance with established procedures.
  • Projects a positive image and enhances good relations with the public.
  • Maintains professionalism and confidentiality at all time.
  • Is the custodian of the seal, registry and documents of General Education
  • Accountable to the Minister and Deputy Minister.
  • Performs any other duties as assigned by the Minister and Deputy Minister.