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MOGEI | Directorates


Directorate of Curriculum Development Centre

The National Curriculum Development Centre is mandated to design and develop educational programmes and materials for Primary, Secondary Education and Technical Vocational Education & Training.

Directorate of National & Foreign Languages Centre

Develop policies and guidelines for national and foreign languages in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and to maintain quality promotion for Languages & Cultures.

Directorate of Teachers Development & Management Services

The mandate of Teacher Development and Management Service is to develop, employ, manage and maintain professional standards and the conduct of teachers in South Sudan.

Directorate of Basic & Secondary Education

The overarching mandate of the Directorate of Basic & Secondary Education is policy formulation, planning, coordination, supervision, monitoring and evaluation of Basic and Secondary education to improve the quality of education delivery.

Directorate of Gender & Inclusive Education

The Directorate is mandated to promote Gender & Inclusive Education Programmes in education systems and develop policies and guidelines on gender equity and inclusive education.

Directorate of Alternative Education Systems (AES)

The mandate of AES is to coordinate programmes, develop policies and guidelines that promote education of youths and adults and reduce illiteracy rates in the new nation.

Directorate of Inspection and Supervision

The mandate of Inspection and Supervision is to ensure development of Minimum Standards, on all areas pertaining to learning in and out of classroom are not only in place but being followed. It has also to put in place a strong team Of Inspectorates, Schools Supervisors and Advisors so that School Managers and Teachers are able to deliver services in line with the designated standards. The Directorate is to guarantee curricula compliance within the national aspiration as well as integration to international best practices.

Directorate of Technical, Vocational Education and Training

The mandate of TVET is to Plan, Coordinate Programmes and develops policies for Technical and Vocational Education Programmes in the National Ministry of Education Science & Technology.

Directorate of Planning & Budgeting

The Directorate of Planning and Budgeting is mandated to facilitate the effective and efficient development, implementation and review of Education Policies, Strategies, Plans, Programmes and Projects as well as coordinate Stakeholder support to the Sector. It is to be an innovative institution able to conduct research in order to determine the quality of Education System and to monitor & evaluate the progress through annual census and other related tools and to ensure effective coordination & dissemination of Education Information by the support of every appropriate technology.

The Directorate is also mandated to raise resources for education domestically, bilaterally and multilaterally. It has to foster close working relation through appropriate policies for collaboration with development partners and to the Ministry priorities of equitable access, quality issues, literacy & numeracy and management are adhered to.

Summary of staffing

Director General = 1
Directors = 4
Deputy Directors = 6
Senior Inspectors = 13
Inspectors = 15
Assistant Inspectors = 3

Directorate of Adminstration & Finance

To provide direction on financial matters, general administration & Management of Education, Human Resource including coordinating Education Programmes with the State Ministries of Education. The Directorate also provides General Accounting Services; ensure all financial activities within the departments are consistent with Departmental and Governmental Policies, Procedures, Regulations and Legislations, Including the Financial Administration Act. The Directorate in addition provides general operation services and maintains Financial Policies and Procedural Manuals