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National Education COALITION (NEC)

Mandate of General Education and Instruction

NEC is a joint forum for National and International non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and community service providers delivering education services in South Sudan. NEC’s central aim is to voice and to address pressing educational priorities/challenges within the context of South Sudan and to recommend pertinent mitigation measures that feed into the Education Donor Coordination Group, the National Education Forum (NEF), the General Education Annual Review and the National Education Budget meetings. If deemed necessary NEC can also relay any critical issue to Steering Committee or Joint Programmes Operating Group in their sessions,

Key functions:
    1. Strengthen the collaboration and coordination between NEC members and the National MoGEI as well as MoGEI State Ministries in South Sudan.
    2. Raise the profile of pertinent emergency and development issues within the education sector of South Sudan
    3. Advocates and promote ways in which national and international NGOs, CSOs, and community service providers may work together with additional education stakeholders in the South Sudan.
    4. Mobilize resources to facilitate the transitions and linkages between education in emergency relief, recovery and development interventions within South Sudan.
    5. Participate in the National processes for harmonization of equitable and inclusive quality education delivery.
    6. Voice the need for improving allocation to education or underrepresented communities or underfunded activities to the authority concerned including donors.
    7. Capacity building of the member organizations
    8. Keeping of the registry of the organizations working and supporting education